How to sell

  • The system used is the deposit sale;
  • Anyone can bring us items on scheduled days;
  • The collection of second hand goods is seasonal and is selected only in scheduled calendar days:
  • from September to November for fall / winter and from March to May for spring / summer;
  • To open an account you need to supply a photo and your social security number;
  • You have to sign the terms and conditions of the deposit sale and you get a code number;
  • For each deposit a detailed list of the goods is issued, with the selling price;
  • The goods must be in excellent condition and in the case of clothing, only seasonal and designer items are accepted;
  • The goods are valued and sold off at 30-50% compared to the price of new items and are left in deposit for three months, after that time the customer decides whether to withdraw the unsold items or donate them to charity;
  • If sold, the benefit is divided equally (50% less VAT).

How to buy

  • The savings of 50% is guaranteed but may be up to 70% for a new item;
  • Wide selection of designer clothes from the best brands;
  • Wide range of equipment;
  • The goods are selected thoroughly before being showcased;
  • When it is required the various accessories are checked in conformity of the Italian law.
  • The high quality of the goods selected is such that you don’t feel you have purchased a second hand product.
  • Payments by cash or credit cards;
  • Payments for online purchases Ebay via Paypal.